The End is Near

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So now comes the end of Integrated Strategic Communication or Comm. 306. At first I was hesitant on whether I enjoyed the class,but I soon realized that the information I have learned is of great value. I have learned about the many publics, what to do in a crisis, how to pitch ideas, and the list continues! For now the future of this blog remains uncertain, but I thank you for following it these past few months. I hope you have learned something of value the way I have.

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Chapter 5 & 20

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This chapter in Seitels The Practice of Public Relations goes over managment and Professionals The chapters cover key topics such as…

preparing for the PR field by

  •  cosidering interests,
  •  getting a name,
  •  give a personal letter,
  • call, 
  •  prepare an elevator speech. (p84)

An elevator speech is when you can sum up something about yourself in the time you would having talking in an elevator. If  you still don’t understand mayb a video on elevator speech will help you. CLICK ME

The Last of The Comments

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Comment # 19


Chapter 5 & 20

Your notes for chapter 5 and 20 really sum up what the chapter is about. Actually I read your notes before reading the chapter and it has helped me understand the key parts. The post is really clear and concise and it is aesthetically pleasing to look at. It is cool that you related the chapter with your major and what you are interested in. I hope years down the road you can use this information and apply it to your job. Good luck with everything.

December 6th, 2010


ISC Connection 6

I wonder why Josh Duhamel refuse to turn off his phone? I think it must of had to been for an important reason, or at least I hope it was. Anyway he did catch some bad press for that but in the end he realized it. It is good to see that he realized he made a mistake and took step #5, apologizing. When celebrities find themselves in these situations it is just best that they go ahead and apoligize because the listening and watching, is often forgiving. When working in the public eye alot you really have to watch what you do.

December 6th, 2010

ISC Connection

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So as I stare at CNN in our wonderful laboratory I see that the hot topic is ‘could unemployment get worse?’ and if it does how will this effect the President. Since midterm elections President Obama has been under fire on how he is handling the country. What I would like to know is if and how the President can regain the trust of the country? What can the President do when elections crawl near and he needs the votes. From the past notes I have learned that in persuading an audience it is hard to persuade those who have already made their mind. Can Obama even persuade those standing in the middle, unsure of whom to vote? He will have to use tactics that can relate himself to the public he is addressing. If he is talking to a group of teachers, he may address raising standards in schools and securing teachers jobs. Today the President was in Winston-Salem, NC and he was addressing unemployment to a crowd of blue-collar workers. It will be interesting to see if he save himself now.

The Final ISC

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For all you future blog writers out there, here are my top 5 tips for being successful.

  1. Keep your blog updated at least once a week.
  2. Make sure all content is related.
  3. Procrastination is never the answer.
  4. Add material that really excited the topic( videos, pictures, powerpoint, etc0
  5. Connect your blog to twitter and kill two birds with one stone.

Wikileaks is stating that it will leak major information on a major U.S. Bank in January. Now everyone is looking towards Bank of America as ‘that bank’ and if this does leak will Bank of America be ready? There is no doubt that the bank will have to do some major crisis management if any of this leaks. I am sure now Bank of America is hoping for the best and preparing for the worst. The only thing we can do now is wait and see. What information will be leaked? How will the bank act in correcting it? Apology, placing the blame elsewhere, or accepting it. Time can only tell.

ISC Connection: Griffins Mistake

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VH1 aired Divas Salute to Troops and when Kathy Griffin came on stage she made a little mistake. She started making fun of Bristol Palin and how she has gained weight. The crowd of Marines did not take this well and booed her. This could be Griffins mistake since she was speaking to a fairly conservative crowd. However when she started making jokes about deformities the crowd responded with laughter. I guess it shows that she cannot always predict how the public will act after a joke but to just pick herself back up in the end.

Comments, Comments, Comments

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# 16


Chapter 8: Research Communication

Research is really important to PR and how we can communicate to the public. We have to consider what public we are addressing and what material. It should be able to connect to an audience and when politicians use it, it is so the public will agree with them. You have done a good job connecting the important parts of the chapter to your blog. The post is clear and not blobbed together in one giant paragraph which helps it for easier reading.

December 6th, 2010


Dr. McArhur

Social Media Marketing Strategies

Engaging in social media because it is free is a bold statement. I however enjoying engaging because of the communication between many people and organizations. Twitter is quickly replacing my social addiction of Facebook. I find twitter to be professional and easy to understand. I do like the saying “to be successful on social media, you must first be social”. I agree that you need to be social and put yourself out there with social media, however you can still be shy. Social sites have a new way of connecting with people who can be less personal, but also less intimidating. I think some of my classmates should take a crack at this book, especially those who are against twitter

December 6th, 2010




I don’t think I have ever heard of cybersquatting until this presentation in class. You did a great job explaining what cybersquatting is and as always your presentation was great( It must have been that great public speaking class). This really opened my eyes and made me realize how websites need to protect themselves from the squatters. It is hard to believe that even a site like Google was attacked by THE CYBERSQUATTER.

December 6th, 2010


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Integrated Strategic Communication( or Public Relations) has many different perspectives of what can be done to reach out to the public. I find that many of our labs showed in great detail how  you can use such material in the outside world. I have put the different links and attachments to a few of the projects we have worked on.

Middle East Powerpoint

Media Kit

Lab 4


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Middle East Powerpoint